How to Care for Your Jewels

While all my pieces are carefully crafted to be as durable as possible, here is some information to ensure the longevity of each piece. Handmade jewelry is artwork and should be treated as such. Please care for your jewelry as you would any sacred object. Avoid wet and strenuous activity while wearing the jewelry and remove for swimming, showering, applying lotion, hand sanitizer,etc. Various chemicals found in perfume, sprays, and cosmetics may damage stones and the oxidization- causing spotting and tarnishing. Sterling also can tarnish with exposure to oxygen and moisture, so store in a dry location, preferably in an airtight bag or the velvet bag provided with your order. Anti-tarnish pouches are also readily available online and in many jewelry stores. To remove tarnish, simply use a polishing cloth (I prefer Sunshine Polishing cloths, samples of which I include in each order). Please DO NOT dip the jewelry in any polishing liquid or chemicals as this harms the integrity of natural gemstones. Avoid digging into intentionally blackened areas with the polishing cloth, as this will remove purposeful oxidization.