Gnosis Studios by Jule

Jule’s lifelong romance with creating jewelry with gems and minerals has led her on an incredible voyage as the founder and metalsmith of Gnosis Studios. She honors Mother Nature in her entirely environmentally conscious studio, where her craft transforms high-grade, ethically sourced, natural gemstones and precious recycled metals into unique talismans. 

Old World metalsmithing rituals tie her to the ancient practices of making wearable art. Her designs fuse sacred symbolism with an otherworldly essence. Her passion for creating jewelry is echoed through her dedication to producing durable pieces, crafted to last lifetimes and beyond. All Jewelry is entirely hand-fabricated, engraved, oxidized, and polished, making each piece an irreplaceable work of art. 

"Gnosis is not simply a synonym for mysticism, paranormal, occult, metaphysics, esoteric or knowledge. It is a distinct category of mystical experience beyond the physical or psychic levels of being.” Carl Jung